Sport, commercials, money – it’s the Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl, the yearly High Mass of (American) sport culture is almost upon us. This ludicrously bombastic festival of entertainment, commercials and sport of the highest level, will be held in Houston this weekend, culminating in the Sunday matchup between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.

Apart from the game with the Lombardi trophy on the line, the most famous brands out there will battle it out for commercial bragging rights. Brands have been vying for a slot during commercials for almost a year now. FOX drove a hard bargain, reportedly selling 30 second slots for about $5 million. Famous directors are brought in – the Coen brothers for Mercedes-Benz – and movie stars or entertainers become the face of all kinds of different products (beverages, cars, websites, …).The thing is … Are these 30, 60 or 90 second clips worth the millions? The brands who are advertising are all ready well-known, what they want is attention. The goal is to be in the minds of the people when they recall the biggest game of their favorite team. When you don’t have money to burn on these ads, you can always go to the internet. Plenty of brands share their Super Bowl commercial, even though they won’t get played during the actual game, but it serves as a note to the consumer that they’ve made an effort.

So, Sunday February 5th, set your alarm clocks and enjoy the holy trinity of American culture. No other country does BIG quit like them.