Exposure guaranteed in ATP Antwerp with the best male Belgian Tennis player ever – David Goffin

The ATP Tour is a global sports event, showcasing the finest male athletes with 63 tournaments, in 31 countries over 11 months, culminating in November with the Nitto ATP Finals. Featuring the world’s most recognisable sport stars the ATP tournament in Belgium – Antwerp is already launching its 4th edition, with a Belgian eyecatcher.

David Goffin (ATP-23) has announced his participation at the European Open 2019 last Wednesday. The event takes place in the Lotto Arena from 13 to 20 October. Last year the Belgian number one had to give forfeit for the third edition of the ATP tournament in Antwerp with an elbow injury. In 2016 Goffin reached the semi-finals, in 2017 the quarter-finals and this year he is looking to take it all the way.

The ATP Tournament in Antwerp 2018 was the best edition ever when it comes to media and engagement. The desire for information, entertainment and conversation from fans makes this Tournament very well suited for the more personalized media environment that now exists, with broader changes in media consumption, media patterns are clearly reflected in tennis, a moment to moment conversation.

ATP Antwerp has significant exposure in Belgium and internationally, being broadcasted in 45 countries with a 2.3 Mln global audience. The total global audience has a reach of 442 Mln potential viewers with 177 Mln Households reached and a total direct global audience of 2.3 Mln viewers. The total broadcast duration was (hh:mm:ss): 671:17:23.

The organic search on Social Media of ATP Antwerp had over 2.4M impressions and over 3M people were reached by having a very active Social Media setup and working together with well-known influencers. The Inbound Marketing of ATP Antwerp had over 40 campaigns reaching a database of 1 Mln people, a huge success.

Every Social Media channel of ATP Antwerp had an enormous increase. The Facebook followers went up with 24 %, Twitter with 37 % and Instagram with 78% compared to last year. The YouTube channel generated over 422.000 views and the general website of ATP Antwerp reached over 211K page views with 49k unique visitors.

Knowing this, the 2019 edition has a lot more room for growth when it comes to Social Media Reach, Lead Generation and Sponsorship Exposure. This unique opportunity for national as well as international exposure is yours to take. Feel free to contact us for more information.