The Lotto Arena is again the scene of the European Open ATP250 this fall

The Lotto Arena is again the scene of the European Open ATP250 this fall, the largest tennis tournament in Belgium. The fourth edition of the European Open will take place from 13th to 20th October 2019.

As with the three previous editions, top players from Belgium and the rest of the world will compete against each other in the tournament, where real top tennis is guaranteed and the prize pool of € 711.275 ensures tennis stars on the turf.

This year, every tennis fan can experience this as a world level event in Belgium. Up-and-coming talent from our country and world top 20 players will make the Lotto Arena shake several times under the applause.

The European Open Key Figures

The European Open – Antwerp has significant national and international exposure, being broadcasted in 45 countries. The total global audience has a reach of 442 Mln potential viewers with 177 Mln Households reached, but who are those fans?

Tennis attracts fans in every age group. There is an equal representation of all age groups, but what distinguishes the interest of the tennis fan compared to other sports fans, is the fact that there is an even male / female split among those who are attending the event. The male / female audience is evenly spread with 55% / 45%. A fun fact to know is that the gender separation of the tennis fan is less divided compared to other sports while football fans are 15 % more likely to be male.

We can find another difference in the income of the tennis fan. The average tennis fan earns around € 55.500 while the average football fan earns around € 45.500. Tennis fans are also 9% more likely to own two cars than football fans.

While tennis requires a minimum of equipment and it might have been a sport in which all the social classes could participate, the courts were almost exclusively private clubs. Tennis is more popular as a pan-class activity nowadays, mostly as a result of television exposure, but the administration is still notoriously for the social classes 4-6.