The benefits of a content platform

As traditional advertising on TV and radio is not as effective anymore, it’s time for marketeers and companies to find ‘new ways’ to reach their target audience.

Teens, millennials and young families spend a great deal of their time online. The average person spends around 8 hours a day consuming media online of which 2 hours is spent on social media. When comparing this to the average amount of time Europeans spend on watching TV (3,8h) we can conclude that Europeans are spending twice as much time on online content than on TV content.

And even though television is still a big part of today’s media consumption, the attention of the consumers is shifted towards online. About 21,2% of European consumers use their smartphone or tablet while watching TV and during commercial breaks, 35,5% of European consumers shift their focus to an online platform. So, in order to reach your target audience and send them your message, you will need to be active online.

Today, most marketers understand that there’s no way around content. After all, it’s:

  • the only reliable way to get around the influence of ad blockers;
  • the best way to connect with audiences;
  • and the longest-lasting way to build relationships that last with customers.

When you pour your best into your content marketing – in creating engaging, valuable, authentic content, that you’re tremendously proud of – you break the growing zombie mold of typical content, and your brand will stand out online.

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Photo credits @Pexels