Return on Exposure is pure science

Return on Exposure

Every day is race day when it comes to cycling. With more than 177 race days in the UCI World Tour alone and over 300 races in a year the interest in cycling is very high. With national & international broadcasts and a lot of presence in newspapers and online, cycling is one of the most cost-efficient sports when it comes to return on exposure.

The kit of cycling teams has become an ultimate billboard for brands, sponsors and partners. Although this creates immense opportunities, a lot of cycling teams still don’t take full advantage of their kit. They either have too many logo’s, the brands are too small or the colors don’t have the right contrast. Apart from that, it’s important to know the value of certain positions and how teams and brands can optimize their shirts.

The impact scores of every position are evaluated with our Scirix module, which is a multiple logistics regression model that calculates the impact of a logo based on the size, dominance, duration, prominence, other logo’s, …

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Photo credits @facepeeters