A sponsorship valorization review of the Spring Classics

The first grand Tour – The Giro d’Italia, just ended and the Tour de France is knocking on the door. As the world is awaiting the biggest annual sport event of the year, it is time to make up the balance of one of the most important moments of the cycling season in terms of competition and international exposure;

“the review of The Spring Classics for the team Lotto-Soudal.”

The Northern Classics have been and always will be among the most followed races in the world, which makes it important for both the team and its partners. The overall visibility of the team during the races, has an extreme effect on the international return on exposure for partners and advertisers.

A New Agency World made a detailed media valorization of the Belgian market by using the Scirix methodology for one of the main partners of the team Lotto-Soudal during the months of March & April followed by The Hour of Victor Campenaerts.

The core business of Scirix is to valorize the impact of the media generated sponsorship exposure produced by television, print and online media. In order to achieve this, we developed the Exposure Generated Impact model, which determines for each media channel a set of parameters to establish the impact of the send/received outings (i.e. the clipping) in order to determine a net value of the generated sponsorship.

A clipping can be defined as either an online article, a news broadcast of a race or a printed article with picture. For this case we’ve monitored all the important online and offline newspapers and tv-channels of Belgium.

Lotto achieved a total net media value of € 2.031.760,23 with an impact of 21,74% during the month of March, a total net value of € 2.987.470,43 with an impact of 29,18% in April and The Hour had a total net value of € 2.214.426,33 with an impact of 36,25%.

Several variables have a huge impact on the results for each different channel. For example, print can obtain the highest value due to the higher impact score because of the textual mentions in various articles. Another example is that less dominant racing in March resulted in less auditive mentions for the team, in this case the main partner, which leads to a lower TV value. March covers a big part of the spring classics and creates a lot of online & offline content. Long live coverages and bad weather often result in lower impact numbers due to less visibility of the logo.

The Hour of Victor Campenaerts was an enormous success, not only with the sportive result but also with the media exposure. Having an impact of 36,25% on the total result with a net value of € 2.214.426,33, this record attempt gained an enormous amount of free press and exposure. Generating around 400 clippings over all platforms in Belgium only.

More than 3000 clippings were monitored over those 2 months with around 1600 clippings in March, around 1000 in April and 400 for The Hour which generated a total net value of € 7.233.655,99 with an average impact of 29,05%. Giving the main partner of Lotto-Soudal a real return on exposure, even without many outstanding sportive results.

A remarkable thing to notice is that unlike what most people think, the return on exposure is not 100% dictated by the results. The saying that winning more races equals more return on exposure is not completely true. Other strategies and racing dominant during key moments of the race can result in more media attention for partners than an actual victory. Furthermore, effective branding & design of the shirt can often have a greater impact on the return on exposure than the sportive results.

However, exposure is only one of reasons why cycling is one of the most cost-efficient sponsor marketing tools. So, if you want to know more about what cycling in general and the team of Lotto-Soudal in specific can do for your company or brand, feel free to contact us here.