Super Bowl LV – The Highlights by Eleven Sports

The Super Bowl, the yearly High Mass of (American) sport culture was just a day ago and was another ludicrously bombastic festival of entertainment, commercials, and sport of the highest level. The 55th Super Bowl was played to determine the champion of the National Football League for the 2020 NFL season. The Champion of the National Football Conference Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Champion Kansas City Chiefs of the American Football Conference 31 to 9.

The Bowl, it’s big business
Apart from the game with the Lombardi trophy on the line, the most famous brands out there will battle it out for commercial bragging rights. Brands have been vying for a slot during commercials for almost a year now.  The estimated cost of a 30-second commercial at Super Bowl LV remained steady with 2020, with CBS reportedly charging around $5.5 million. The economic impact of COVID-19 prompted some brands to skip the game, such as Avocados from Mexico and Budweiser. Companies such as DraftKings, Fiverr, Logitech, and Vroom made their Super Bowl debut as advertisers. Robinhood, which had recently gained prominence in the GameStop short squeeze, aired its first commercial at the game.

A big appearance was there for Bruce Springsteen with his collaboration with Jeep. A fun fact is that this appearance is Springsteen’s first commercial of his entire career. Jeep surprises everyone with this Super Bowl ad as it has Springsteen play America’s heartstrings. Jeep’s new Super Bowl commercial, “The Middle,” starring Bruce Springsteen and a 1980 CJ-5, just premiered during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LV, and it’s typical of automaker’s Big Game ads. A must watch for every fan of Springsteen.

Sunday’s Super Bowl broadcast on Fox attracted an average TV audience of 99.9 million people, a 1.7% increase from last year’s U.S. football championship. More than 55.000 Belgian households tuned in to watch America’s favorite sport, which represents almost 20% market share for Belgian TV ratings.

The Highlights by Eleven Sports

Source: Photo & video credit by Eleven Sports