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Why the Pro League is Belgium’s number one commercial vehicle
Pro League has so much to offer. Every week 26 professional teams and 18 FIFA players strive for success both on the pitch and online. Beneath it all lies a wide range of opportunities to commercialize your brand and surf the wave of future proof and profitable organization; Pro League.

Exposure, exposure, exposure
Pro League’s 444 professional games provide us with more than 10 000 hours of live broadcasting. These matches can be followed through the Eleven Sports channels on Proximus, Orange, Telenet, TV Vlaanderen, Télésat, and Voo. You can even follow the games online through the Eleven Sports streaming platform. Every championship day, 1.6 million Belgians follow these games live. At the end of January, Club Bruges vs KRC Genk attracted 367 thousand viewers which resulted in a market share of almost 20% in the North. One week later Club Bruges vs Standard even reached an audience of 415 thousand with a market share of 14.4% in the North and 10% in the South.

Apart from this live coverage, it’s estimated that there is another 15 000 hours of delayed and side program coverage in news and highlights shows. These can be followed on Één, VTM, Play 4, RTBF, RTL, Canvas, and many more, including non-Belgian programs.

All coverage reaches far beyond our country’s own borders since these games are being broadcasted
in 40 countries, including Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Russia and Australia and this spread across all

And even when not live on TV, you can’t get your head around the Pro League. Every year, Belgian newspapers publish over 7 300 pages dedicated to the Jupiler Pro League and the 1B Pro League. Apart from these traditional media, the Pro League provides an immense online presence. It has the potential to reach around 2.3 million people through its social media channels. This just shows you how much people care about and love this sport.

Attract a wide and varied target audience
Pro League offers possibilities across a wide range of target audiences. From high-income enthusiasts to lower-income fans, football has the potential to reach all of them. And unlike the strong belief that football is a men’s world, 2.6 million Belgian women show interest in the sport. Combined with its increased fan engagement, football provides tremendous opportunities to leverage your brand or product.

Benefit from impactful exposure for your brand or product
Being on the screen is not the same as being seen. Impactful exposure is what it’s all about. Combine the high impact for The Pro League’s partners with targeted sponsorship activation throughout all channels and your ROI will be more than worth it.

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