Events and Hospitality

A New Agency World supports clubs, federations, companies, and governments in the development, organization, execution, and accompaniment of all corporate related hospitality. A New Agency World organizes also its own corporate-related hospitality, a domain in which we excel in high-quality and exclusivity through years of experience. We use the full power of our relationships and contacts to provide tailor-made packages throughout the world in order to create memorable hospitality.

Through years of experience and knowledge to support teams, leagues, companies, and governments in the organization of events. The creation, organization, and exploitation of amongst other corporate events, branded events and social events can be monitored entirely. This includes all elements of the event mix, from recruiting, securing sponsorship, managing VIP’s, catering, corporate hospitality programs, managing media, producing accreditation, ticketing and security solutions to creating effective sales and a marketing platform. A New Agency World emphasizes the growing importance of corporate social responsibility for teams, leagues, companies and governments and has the capacity and quality to support them in this mission.

The hospitality Matrix is a mix of several key components:

  • Target Group
  • Individual Approach
  • Level of interest
  • Brand Fit
  • Proximity
  • Exclusivity
  • Selection of event
  • Impact Period

By combining all of these elements you can develop an event to put your name out there. For more information make sure to contact us at

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