Scirix : valorization model

Scirix is ​​a multiple logistics regression model that allows you to measure the actual impact on the marketing dollar by valorizing the impact score of each article, photo, broadcast or web listing achieved. With the help of more than 1,400 variables that influence this realized exposure, we can give you the exact net value of the generated exposure. Measuring is knowing, and knowing is acting.

As more and more international brands place emphasis on sponsor marketing as a crucial influence in their communication strategy and relationship campaigns, the measurement of values ​​and the return on exposure become increasingly important, if not indispensable. Companies cannot afford to spend millions of dollars on sponsorship based on a feeling or sympathy for the sport, the athlete or the event. The sponsor decision, the choice of the sponsored party and the use of the sponsorship must be an integral part of the total marketing mix. Activated in the field and optimized for content and use of social media, the sponsorship must fulfill the requested KPIs, but above all achieve the set goals.

It is actually fairly simple. Digital marketing stands for customer knowledge and customer valorization. The goal is to build up a long-term relationship with current and potential customers by constantly talking. Digital and social media tools offer the possibility to create platforms and concepts to focus on (segmented and/or individually) the target group on a daily basis. The interaction between the brand and the consumer becomes a two-way conversation instead of traditional marketing, which is only aimed at the casual viewer. So, it’s clear, right?

Interactive Data Platform

The core activity of Scirix is ​​valorizing the impact of media-generated sponsoring produced by television, print and online media. To achieve this, we have developed the Exposure Generated Impact (E.G.I.) model. The valorizations of these figures are done via an Interactive Data Platform.

This is a platform where a company can find its values ​​and where, if it is about an umbrella project, it has criteria such as select partner so that it can see the valorization for the Main Sponsor or a single partner. This overview can be done per country where the Net & Brut valorization of the figures is shown. This provides a comprehensive overview and aims to easily compare benchmarking of the partners. The figures are always put in a monthly report on the platform where the most important insights of that month in relation to the sponsorship can be found.

Social Media Tracking

Scirix also offers the possibility to do Social Media Tracking. For example; all online mentions are recorded on the various social media channels. The tracking is done all over the world and there is also the possibility to include websites such as Reddit and blogs in the tracking. In addition, the tone of voice of these messages is also analyzed so that you as a company know whether your sponsorship is experienced positively or negatively.

These tracking results are put on the interactive data platform so that you as a company get a complete picture of your sponsorship.

Logo Recognition Software

Scirix uses “Logo Recognition” on images to do sponsorship valorization. By making use of Intelligent AI, it is possible to map a complete overview of all sponsoring logos on video images.

Based on the AI, valorization can be done based on a few parameters so that every part of the broadcast is valorized.

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