What is your sponsorship worth?

Sponsor marketing is one of the fastest growing forms of marketing, so consider using marketing techniques that increase your credibility, enhance your image and build prestige when you do sponsor marketing to attracts your target audience. Sponsorships shouldn’t be confused with advertising. Advertising is considered as a quantitative medium, while sponsorship is considered as a qualitative medium. It promotes a sponsorship in collaboration with a company and focuses on multiple goals simultaneously.

Sponsorship valuation provides opportunities that companies do not regularly have access to via general marketing or advertising. It directly involves the audience in a conversation rather than simply providing them with information. It provides goodwill to the company and essentially adds value to the overall brand.

Globally, over $46 billion is being spent on sports sponsorships and over $101 billion is spent on activating and executing those deals. This is a 20% increase over the last 5 years, back when sponsorship technology, wasn’t even a well-known term. Today, brands use technology and data to establish strategic sponsorships and partnerships with aligned goals, with teams, athletes and other sports properties.

But how much is it worth to sponsor Super stars such as Lionel Messi or Rafael Nadal or even Tiger woods? What’s the payoff for being a sponsor of the Super Bowl, The Olympic Games or the World Cup Football. Considering the huge amounts being spent on sponsorships, companies have surprising difficulties answering these questions.

A good marketing ROE (Return on Exposure) program uses several metrics to measure the sponsorship spending:

  1. Exposure Generated Impact (E.G.I.) is an academic developed exposure impact methodology for television, print and online media that maps all relevant variables and examines their impact
  2. A relevant parameter is a variable that significantly affects the recognition and attribution of a logo by people
  3. E.G.I. is based upon a multiple logistic regression model, consisting of a large set of categoric independent variables
  4. By using this methodology one can accurately define and valorize the impact of the generated exposure

Based on those metrics we have developed the system called Scirix to valorize sponsorships. The core activity of Scirix is valorizing the impact of media-generated sponsors produced by television, print and online media. To achieve this, we have developed the Exposure Generated Impact (E.G.I.) model. The valorizations of these figures are done via different channels over the traditional media as well as social media.

If you want to get a free trial for your sponsorship valorization fill in this form! For this we need a short video of 3-5 minutes in order to give an estimation of the valorization of your sponsorship.